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Property Check List

Top Tier Issues to Look for When Walking a Commercial Property

• Sanitation

On a commercial property, Sanitation is the number one reason rodents and pest bird will become a problem. Conditions that are allowed to continue such as open dumpsters, trash around dumpsters, food debris behind restaraunts and food vendors, will greatly inhibit our ability to control these issues. In addition trash in trash recepticles should be emptied daily to remove opportunity for rats and mice to feed at night.

• Landscaping

Landscaping is the second reason rodents will become a problem. Low growing ground cover can provide harborage for rats, mice and squirrels, giving cover to burrows and nesting sites. If ground cover is part of your strategy, Care must be given to keep ivy and bushes trimmed away from the building. Bushes should be trimmed 10-12 inches off the ground to limit protection and cover for rodents.

• Overhangs

Overhangs are often missed on property inspections. These protected areas can provide the perfect location for bee hives, bats, as well as pest birds. Bees will often find locations under overhangs that allow the hive to become established and begin producing honey. Bad news for building owners, not only for the liability to your tenants, but the issues that can cause long lasing problems with the structure as well.

• Structureal Issues

Many times issues with the original construction can cause problems that wil become chronic. Small openings along the base of the building can provide access points where mice and rats will enter. Cooling towers and HVAC condenser lines often provide a highway that accesses all the units thru chases and attic spaces. These opening need to be sealed to eliminate access. Otherwise the pests will continue to invade and the issues will remain chronic.

• Irrigation

Proper irrigation keeps the plants and trees beautiful and thriving. However there are issues that can cause problems on a commercial property. Areas that are over watered can provide the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos and other flying insects. Standing water should be eliminated. Another issue that can cause problems is irrigation that keeps the building wet. If you have wood exposed to high levels of moisture, termites and wood rots can persists and thrive as well, so a good program of property walks looking at these potential issues will save you in the long run.

• Seasonal Issues

Each season of the year brings with in a corresponing pest issue. Being aware of the seasonal issues can give you time to prepare yourself and your tenants. Spring will bring all sorts of insects out of the woodwork. Summer will prevail at the mercy of the ant. Fall is when bees and termites swarm and become an issue. Winter rats and mice trying to find a warm home inside. Prioritize your property walks with these in mind and your inspections will be more effective.