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Bird Control

Pigeons or other pest birds and commercial properties don't mix. Loafing birds can quickly make a pristine commercial building unsightly and degraded. Bird droppings can deface buildings and if in large quantities, be unhealthy for you and your tenants. Pigeons will genarally take over a property as a flock with many individual birds, creating an exponential problem. Once they are established and nesting in a particular site, pigeons can be a difficult problem to effectivly address.

Pestgon Inc. utilizes state of the art bird managment methods to deter pest birds from roosting and nesting around your property. The use of ultrasonics, bird spikes, permenantly installed bird netting, or low profile esthetically pleasing devices are just some of the deturents available. Call us today for an in depth analysis of your commercial property. Our trained inspectors will provide you with the appropriate solution for your specific situation.